ZVL Celebrated the 50th Anniversary at the Municipal Theater in Žilina

The year 2018 is the year of the ZVL Žilina anniversary, which began to write its history in 1968. On this occasion, ZVL met at Municipal Theater in Žilina on March 22nd to celebrate this important milestone in the history of the company. The ceremonial atmosphere was enhanced by the participation of invited guests, who, with their active work, contributed to build the good name of the company either in the present or in the past. All employees of ZVL SLOVAKIA, retired and former employees were invited.

The meeting at the Municipal Theater started with the official welcome of the company’s management and then with a speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. “In 50 years of operation, geneations of employees have gone through the company, who have created and left marks everywhere the company was active. Some of them are still working here. People working in the company for the past 50 years have created values ​​that the company is proud of today and they are the key factor of the success. The anniversary of the company is therefore mainly their celebration, “Martin Mravec, chairman of the company’s board of directors, mentioned during the presentation.

Theatre performance followed, after which festive refreshment was prepared for everyone. The great day was a success and we can only wish to get together again on the next anniversary of ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s. See for yourself ☺



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