ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s. celebrates 50th anniversary of commencing production and sales of ZVL bearings in Zilina

Year 2018 is a major milestone in the history of ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s. It represents 50 years of manufacturing bearings and sales of bearings in Zilina and Slovakia. From its foundation, the company and its predecessors has gone through hectic evolution and through many dynamic changes as far the manufacturing processes and company ownership is concerned. ZVL SLOVAKIA, today is a reliable partner for its customers in various industrial sectors worldwide.
„Our new logo, graphically designed to point out 50 years of our history was developed to commemorate this anniversary. New logo will represent the company throughout the year 2018“ said Martin Mravec, Chairman of the Board of Directors.


“The milestone of 50 years represents huge challenge for us. Our commitment is to continue offering reliable and effective solutions and to bring quality products to the market. We have made massive investments and put lot of effort into improving of our product, services and adjusting price and business policy. Generations of employees have been forming our company, leaving their trace in every aspect of company´s life for 50 years. Some of them still work with us today. It were these remarkable people who have been creating values, which we are proud of and they became the key factor of our success. Therefore corporate anniversary is the celebration of our employees“, said Martin Mravec
The 50th anniversary is the great opportunity to thank all our business partners, who have been part of our successful history. It was your trust our 50-years history is based on. Your trust in our abilities, quality of ZVL products and professionalism of our team. We highly appreciate your trust, support and cooperation.
Thank you!

Ing. Martin Mravec
Chairman of the Board of Directors



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